Sharing strategies, updates, innovations and technological advancements for the business contingency planning in an organization.


What is your definition of Business Continuity Management - do you refer to the initial period of "incident management" which can be initial 48 hours to first week, or it means the Business Recovery portion which is 3-6 months? How do you resume business after a disruptive event? What is the impact on your operating costs and overall profit? The answers to these questions in a way help in determining your organization's cyber security and business resilience. As a BC program grows, there needs to be an evolution beyond the base level processes and procedures that the program manages. By looking at the entire lifecycle chain of applications, identify potential risks and develop plans to mitigate them.

Inventicon Business Intelligence is pleased to bring to you the cutting edge, well researched event on Business Continuity Management which will give risk and resilience professionals a deeper look into the key issues affecting the design and delivery of a consistent, impactful and robust business continuity plan to achieve stability and help the organization bounce back immediately and effectively. Best practices will be shared in structuring the crisis management team, training, table-top exercises and building the tools to support executive level participation.



  • Business continuity in the APAC region; Forward look to 2020
  • Core components of a Business Resiliency Program
  • Integrating cybersecurity practices with business continuity management strategies
  • How will Blockchain bring innovation to businesses in performing business continuity and disaster recovery?
  • Devising a communication plan; A key emergency management priority
  • The role of social media in organizational resilience
  • Measuring your organization's resiliency maturity level
  • Pinpoint and manage third party risk and exposure
  • Preparing for an audit of your business continuity plan
  • Live case studies and more


  • Map out the latest emerging strategies that will streamline your business continuity plan
  • Explore the various techniques and technologies for managing cyber risk
  • Understand the specific guidelines on improving an organization's business continuity capability
  • Share best practices and case studies on actual emergency simulations
  • Understand the best practices in managing simulations
  • Exploring best practices on continuity management and initiatives for risk audits
  • Gain in-depth knowledge on latest solutions being adopted to comply with regulatory bodies
  • Network with Asia's top Business continuity experts


Functional heads of:

  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Disaster Recovery & Contingency Planning
  • Operational / Enterprise Risk, Compliance & Resilience management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Crisis management
  • Information Technology & Security
  • Operations

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